About Us

Air Guard UV was founded with a clear and specific goal. After years in the HVAC industry we saw room for significant improvement in the products we were installing for our customers.

For years, companies have been cutting corners on both material and build quality because most customers never saw the UV lights again once they were installed.
Our philosophy is simple. Build a better product because when it comes to your health, no one should have to choose between a low price and good quality.

Once we built our product to the highest specifications we put our money where our mouth is and backed Air Guard UV lights with a lifetime warranty. We stand behind our product because we know it was built to last.

Why Air Guard UV?

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Our Service

Since 2016, Air Guard UV has improved indoor air quality in over 9,000 Residential, 600 Medical and 3,500 Commercial locations throughout the U.S and Canada.

Why Choose Our Product

Please read main benefits of using Air Guard UV products for improving indoor air quality.

Linkage operation & Easy Use

Powered via air-conditioning solenoid valve circuit. Use preheat ballast, it runs simultaneously with air conditioner.

Conspicuous Working Status

Equipped with an indication lamp. ON indicates normal operation and lamp OFF indicates power off.

No Noise

Provide a quiet working and living environment.

Easy Installation

Light weight, small size, install at duct side, no need to change duct structure.

Safe & Reliable

High integrated circuit module, open circuit and short circuit protection.

Advanced Purification Technology & Design

Multiple air purification with activated carbon, UV light and photocatalytic materials.

Powerful Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Emits a powerful ultraviolet (UV) light which sterilizes and reduces airborne microorganisms as they pass through the system and helps prevent mildew and bacterial growth.

Clean Atmosphere

Reduces up to 99.1% of airborne germs and odors.

Our Products


Model Power Supply Power Price Dimensions(mm) Treat Airflow Sterilization Rate(1h)
AGLX401 110V/220V 10W $1,499 96x65x280 2000m3/h ≥96.3%
Remove activated carbon module can also be used alone.


Model Power Supply Power Price Dimensions(mm) Treat Airflow Sterilization Rate(1h)
AGLX501 110V/220V 10W $2,499 165x145x290 2000m3/h ≥96.3%


Model Power Supply Power Price Dimensions(mm) Treat Airflow Sterilization Rate(1h)
AGLX601 110V/220V 10W $3,999 165x145x290 2000m3/h ≥96.3%

More Benefits

Photolysis Carbon UV Purification

New Air Purification Technology
High Purification Efficiency

Sterilization & Disinfection

Powerful Sterilization
Of UV Light

Double Enhanced Effect

High Quality Activated Carbon
More Significant Effect

Module Combination

Production Modularization
Light Weight

Easy Installation

Duct Side Opening Hole
Flexible Installation

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At Air Guard UV, we are obsessed with the customer experience and our team of industry experts is ready to help in any way possible. Each team member is dedicated to offering the highest level of customer care. No order is too small to receive our undivided attention.